I Am 37 Weeks!

37 Weeks... still going... can't believe that little Corbin could come any day now, although we'd prefer for him to wait a little while... for a few things.  1 for me to be able to work just a little bit longer, and for Aunt Brittney to get to town... 2 more weeks, she'll be here, and then he can come.  :)


Dear Corbin,
Here we are, 37 weeks, your body is ready to make it in the world,  and we can not wait for your arrival.  We have only a few things left to do before you get here and I'd like to think we have time but who knows.  This week you have been been moving around so much.  It's strange, all the material says that I should feel you move less and less, but really I think that I feel you moving so much more, and see you move more.  It's so fun to watch you move around but sometimes it hurts.  So be a little nicer to mommy when moving around in there.  Can't wait to see your face!




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