30 Weeks & Counting

We are at 30 weeks... 10 more weeks to go... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!


Dearest Corbin,
You are about 3 lbs now and approximately 15.5 inches long. My have you grown! Daddy and I are doing more to prepare for your arrival. Your closet is full of fresh clean clothes for you to wear. I can not wait to put some of the outfits we got on you. You are going to be one stylish baby. My ankles have been swelling here and there so I do my best not to be on them for too long. I haven't felt so many kicks and punches but I have felt more twist and turns as you are running out of room. I was telling your Daddy that I had a dream that you had dark curly hair just like him. Hopefully you have hair, unlike me when I was born, who didn't have hair at all. It took time for mine to grow. I'm very anxious to meet you!!!



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