11 More Weeks

Moving in to the 29th week I am feeling the 3rd trimester discomforts... I am really really feeling those body parts in my ribs, mostly on the right side lately... And I still have 11 more weeks to go.


Dear Sweet Baby Corbin,
Mommy is counting down the days until we get to meet you, I can not wait. Daddy can't either. I had a dream the other night that you were born with dark curly hair just like your daddy. I can not wait until we find out who you resemble most. I've been feeling you shift and move more, especially now that you are running out of room. I would also appreciate if you would move your body away from my ribs because it is very uncomfortable. I have a hard time sitting all day at work because you just seem to be staying in that one spot. You can move any time now, Mommy would appreciate it.


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A Leap into Love said...

oh my Crystal, you are glowing!!!!! Look at that baby belly! You look so cute pregnant. I hope I am as cute haha. Lately I just feel fat because of feeling bloated. There's no bump yet, I cant wait till I start growing on. I cant wait till I feel the baby too. I'm around three other pregnant girls I know and they all are in the stage of feeling baby move! Aww, I love the name Corbin, very nice! I replied back on my page. So nice talking with you <3