Preparing For Baby

We start by counting down the months, then we begin to count down the weeks, to eventually counting down the days... I'm in between counting down the weeks and days... I am getting more and more anxious to meet this little man of mine.
Since my baby shower I've been organizing and reorganizing all of Corbin's things, nesting... I've been doing nothing but nesting these last few weeks. Since I've started nesting I've really become more and moRE and MORE EXCITED!
Corbin is so blessed! He has so many adorable outfits I can not wait to put on him. And yes I've organized his closet about 3 times already.


The hangers are white and green. And the white sizes are newborn and the green hangers are 3 months... yes that's how organized I am getting.


I'm loving this Green robot that matches perfectly with our green theme. Changing table is pretty set!


We don't have a dresser for little man yet, but that's okay, this works fine for me. On this hanging closet organizer, which happens to be very organized, starts from newborn down to 3 month clothing. But they are in their own cubby. :) of course.


Shoe bin! Which might have to go to a bigger one, we have so many adorable shoes.

Although everything doesn't have it's place yet... we'll find one!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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Everyday Brittney said...

It's all lookin good! I can't wait to meet him!