iHeartfaces:: Anything BUT a Face

Typically iHeartfaces categories have to include a face, but this week they are doing something a little out of the ordinary. This week your photo should include anything but a face... as I was pondering which photo to use this week I thought of this one. It's my friend Chelsea, whom you can see here and here. She is pregnant with a little girl and she is an adorable pregnant woman, that's for sure. This was taken when she was 20 weeks along.


Although this one technically has a face in it, it's a picture of a face. :)

I think you should join in, don't you? Head to iHeartfaces and link up your photo! Can't wait to see it!



Sarah said...

I love this!! Very creative and special.

Vera said...

Great idea for a maternity shot.

Life Through My Lens said...

i love this crystal!!!

antoinette marie said...

great idea for this one! nice shot too!

Fresh Mommy said...

LOVE this pic! :)