iHeartfaces:: Phone Photo

I LOVE taking pictures with my iPhone. I post them on Twitter and Facebook to give my friends a visual of what I might be talking about. But all that came to an end the other day when I dropped my phone. When I went to snap a quick picture my camera wouldn't open. So now I can not take quick shots with my phone. BUT, what I can do today is share a photo from my phone for iHeartfaces challenge this week.

My husband and I love going to Sam's Club and eating "lunch" by going to each of their taste stations and nibbling on those. We usually leave full. :)

Want to join in on the Phone Photo Challenge? Head to iHeartfaces and link up your photo. :)



Cristina Coco said...

Love it!! We do that too at Costco! lol

Jessaca said...

LOL great shot!!!

antoinette marie said...

love his expression.....priceless!

Kelly said...

too cute!

The Hayloft & November Rain Photography said...

I was just at Costco yesterday, LOL