The Eve Of Christmas

It's here... Christmas eve. And although you may not be ready for it... it's here. Christmas has creeped up on you and me and it will be over and done with faster than you can say Christmas cookies. It's AMAZING... no... Astonishing how long we take to prepare for just one day out of the year. But, totally worth it in my opinion when you get to spend it with family and friends. OH and give gifts too. Another reason it's worth it, I love giving gifts.
Since we're here I'll share my 30 Days Of Truth...

Day 23: Something I wish I had done in my life.
First off I'm only 23, I still have a lot I can do with my life. But as far as what I wish I had done while I had the chance would have to be telling my Grandma I love her more. She has gone to be with Jesus and I know she is happy and dancing with Jesus. I know she knows how much I love her, but you can never tell someone too much that you love them. And I wish I would have taken an a few extra moments during her last few days to just say "I Love You".

Love Birds
Merry Christmas Grandma, I love you!

Merry Christmas friends. Enjoy your family and don't take them for granted!


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Fresh Mommy said...

Such a sweet post! Love you. Merry Christmas!