Christmas Party I & II

Christmas started Thursday night for us. We went to Jeremy's Aunt's house and spent time with his family there and then Christmas eve we did Christmas with his siblings and parents. It was a relaxing and very fun filled night. We were definitely blessed with some goodies there. I got a few scarves and Jeremy got some things for our cars. And I got the cutest ornament ever by my ummm... Niece... :) Bianca.

I love that it has Ammo on their too. Because he is part of our family!

We also made fried Oreos, Twinkies, milky way, and fried a bunch of other goodies. The Oreos though were the BEST! They were so yummy!

Then Jeremy's Dad read the birth of jesus to us all. It was awesome. All the kids gathered around to listen to the amazing story of Jesus' birth.

After going home we got our matching Pajama's on and cuddled in our bed with the "fire" on the Tv... :P

laid our heads down for what was to come the next morning!

Stay tuned for Party III tomorrow!


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