The Market & Starbucks

Seattle: Day 2

Our second day in Seattle was just as fun as our first day. We set on our way to Pikes Market which is like a Flea Market but even cooler.

We were hoping to see them throwing fish to each other, but as we stood by watching they didn't throw one fish. Maybe the guys kept dropping all the fish and wasting them, so they aren't allowed to do it anymore. That's what I think.

So we were a little saddened. But soon found happiness as we went to the very first Starbucks, EVER. It was so cool! They had the original logo on everything.

Tab ordered her drink and they yelled what we ordered and threw the cup to the person who makes the drinks. It was so fun!

After leaving Starbucks and Pike's Market we went hiking back to our hotel room, and I mean hiking. There were so many hills we had to travel up.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Oh, I almost forgot about these awesome beautiful flowers we found at Pikes Market. GORGEOUS!




Anonymous said...

I Love Pikes Place!

Nessa said...

i live around there and visit quite a bit.. :) you should try the french bakery a few shops down from starbucks.. get the raspberry mousse cake and les macarons, just mmm!

Nessa said...

oh! and you must visit the columbia tower... there is an observational deck on the 73rd floor, you'll be higher than the space needle, the view is phenomenal. =)