Clownin Around

Our 4th day in Seattle was a very busy day... at least I felt like it was. We started our day in the lobby of the hotel on our laptops. Since we couldn't get on the internet in our room we went to the lobby.

Then we made our way to Pike’s Market again. We were told that the place is more hopping on the weekend, so on our way we went.

We saw a clown making balloon animals and objects, and we found our way back to the fish market. AND GUESS WHAT! They were throwing fish. Someone ordered some fish so they threw 3 of them. I tried to get photos of them doing that but they didn’t really show up because they were blurry, but it was cool anyway. Tab tried to get video, but they finished throwing the fish before she could get the video.

While at Pike’s Market we saw a beautiful view. Actually more than one.

We found this alley that had little shops it was awesome... we had to get some shots of it.

After coming back from the market we just relaxed in the room and ordered in some dinner. It was a busy but relaxing day. Does that make sense? Well, that’s how I felt.

Last full day in Seattle will be posted in a couple of days! :)


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Sarah Walton said...

Beautiful pics, funny clown. But trying to figure out if it's the "ha ha" kind of funny....?