New experiences..

This weekend has been full of new experiences. First experience was getting a really dark color in my hair. Although it's not the color of my whole head, there is a small section that is the darkest you have ever seen in my hair.
Experience number 2... Paintball!!! IT was so awesome. I was so nervous all morning about the pain of one of the paintballs hitting me. But I only received one bruise from it and got it 3 times that hurt enough for me to feel it. All the other "bullets" either didn't hit me (some hit my gun) or it just didn't hit hard enough. So that's okay with me. People were coming back to the safe zone with red knuckles, bleeding welts, and smiles on their faces. Yeah, you saw that right, smiles. We were having so much fun. It was something I would like to experience again. Soon, hopefully.

Courtesy Of Stephanie

Locked and Loaded!!!!

Go Team

The girls got to be team captains and I picked these DUDES. We did AWESOME! I think we kicked lots of butt out there. Well, at least I did. :P

Thumbs up... that means it was A-OKAY!



Briony said...

these are fun. it looks like you all had a blast :)

Fresh Mommy said...

I'm totally in next time! This looks like so much fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

So. Much. Fun. I can't click away! : )