Shooting... a Gun!

I shot with my camera yesterday, but I also shot with a gun. It wasn't my gun, but a gun non the less. We shot at targets and I have to say that my husband taught me good. Because after he showed me how to properly hold and shoot a gun I did not miss that target once. I aimed and shot it where I wanted it. Or at least near where I wanted it.

When Jeremy went to Nevada he was going to a gun school where they trained him on many things when it comes to properly shooting and caring for a gun.

This is one of the guns I shot. It's called "The Judge". It was a pretty hefty gun. That's really I know about it and I'm not going to pretend I know more about it. WAIT... those bullets there are buck shot, so little bb's scatter out on the target. Pretty gnarly!

The red arrows indicate my shots. I was pretty pumped about my shots I made. Jeremy is a great teacher. All the little holes are from the buck shot. Remember those bb's I told you about?

Good Form Babe!

Ask me what you will about guns, I'll tell you all I know. Which isn't that much. But, Jeremy, tells me new things all the time. Thanks for teaching me, I learnt a lot!



Fresh Mommy said...

Awesome!! Now, I need to learn... :)

Christina Lusk said...

Did he take pictures of you shooting the gun? I bet those'd be pretty awesome sellers. "Pretty Blonde Chick with Gun" could make you rich some day:) I love you!