On The Farm:: Part ll

Still haven't lived on the farm from my first On The Farm post... and I still don't want too. But couldn't help resist taking this photo when we were out in the country shooting guns. The sky was gorgeous, the barn was... well old so I aimed and clicked.

So they had the barn, but of course they had to have chickens. There were a few running around the yard. I could only get so close and then they would freak out and run away. What do you expect from a bunch of CHICKENS?

Maybe that's where the term "chicken" came from. They get scared so easily and when your scared the best term for that would be CHICKEN! :P

Have a great Wednesday!



Briony said...

love it! the colors are so vivid :)

Fresh Mommy said...

Love these shots. Barns are so cool to take photos of, though I don't know how well I'd do living on a farm either. I agree with Bri, the colors are great!

Gerri said...

Awesome. ;)