30 Days Of Winter +Day 15

Birthday parties are so much fun, especially a 5 year old's birthday party. They are the best! We had our nephews birthday party to go to and it was at the Children Museum, never heard of it, but great place for kids. They had a whole grocery corner with miniature shopping carts, they had a restaurant where you can take peoples orders and go make some pizza in the "oven" and they had a fairy tale corner where you could dress up and pretend; it was awesome. I actually LOST Jeremy in all the excitement! I was with Baby Blue and we were playing with EVERYTHING, she was everywhere, I turn around and Jeremy is GONE! Finally someone told me he was in the dress up corner dressing up in little itty bitty kids clothes. He was cracking everyone up! I'm sure if you can picture a grown man in little kids clothes... yeah... it's funny! Gosh, I love him!

Kids can find fun in the smallest of things... like pouring popcorn kernals into another cup...
or folding towels... seriously... it's fun... especially for the kids at my work. We have LOTS of fun with RUGWORK... hence the rugs.
Find the simpliest thing for you child to do and THEY WILL HAVE FUN!

Try it with your kids... keep it SIMPLE!



Tabitha Blue said...

Kids really do love the simplest things!! I was bummed to have missed the party, but heard it was great... and we want to go back!



Kaitlyn said...

That sounds so neat1 I swear, we humans are made to work :)

Cindy said...

you truly have the an eye for "precious"...
you always capture absolute sweetness :)