It's Late, I know... But still...

Homemade gifts, the best gifts you can give and receive.  With Grandparents day coming close I found a few pins on Pinterest that meshed this homemade gift.  You know when you see a few inspirations and then mesh them together to create something even better than the things you saw separately.  I had to stop at Michaels for a few supplies.

2 Canvas'
1 Can of light blue spray paint
1 Can of yellow spray paint
2 Different colors of paint that don't match the spray paint (I chose to purchase a set with a variety of colors)
Letter Stickers (I chose to purchase different font styles)


After placing the letters on the canvas to my liking I took the canvas' outside  and spray painted each one a different color.  After letting the paint dry I carefully took off each letter showing the font in white.  Then the real fun began... the little man's footprints to complete our project.  The finished product came out just as I had hoped it would.  
We made 2 and both are different colors to go to each set of grandparents.  And they loved it!!!!!

Hand made is the way to go!!!!

 photo crystalb.png

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