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EASTER!!!!!  It's literally just around the corner and I am ready.  We have an outfit for Corbin, and he is going to look ADORABLE.  We also had a photo shoot about 2 weekends ago and they turned out perfectly.  You'll notice that in some of his pictures I had bunny ears on him (Awwww)...
and a plastic egg or two (no candy in it yet)... 

and some with a few carrots (you know because rabbits like to eat carrots) 

but let me just tell you something... lean in a little closer... that's right... a little bit more..... I KNOW THATS NOT WHAT EASTER IS ABOUT!!!!!!  

I know that easter is about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He gave for me, for you, for everyone.  He died on the cross for every living being and then 3 days later rose again.  It's an amazing story! If you haven't read it yet grab your bible (or your phone because thats how some people role) and turn to the book of Matthew and read chapters 27-28.  Keep reading if you like, the bible is full of amazing stories.  But lets not get off track.... The meaning of Easter, is about Jesus, nothing more.  So remember, when your celebrating with family make sure to keep Jesus and his amazing sacrifice in your mind.  
Oh... and don't forget to share with your children.  We will, even though we had some fun with rabbit ears, carrots, and eggs.  It's okay to do that, I PROMISE!

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