Baby Food Extravaganza

I love making Corbin's baby food.  There is just that something about the comfort in knowing what my son is eating, because I prepared it for him.  I have to admit, like any normal person, I did slack off for about a month and just bought jars of baby food.  But knowing what it is exactly he is eating isn't the only reason why I make his baby food.  Have you seen the PRICE of a jar of baby food these days?  I can make 4 avocados, 2 sweet potatoes, 5 apples, 5 pears, and 1 squash and it could last me for weeks.  When I spend the same amount of money on baby food that I did buying the produce I can only feed my son for maybe a week.  This kid now eats a lot of food.  No, really, he does!
Here are just a few yummy foods I made on Friday.

Corbin gave them all the seal of approval. :)  He really loves avocado mixed with sweet potatoes, I think that's his favorite mixture right now.  Although, I can get him to eat just about anything, just like his daddy.
While mommy was at work making baby food Corbin was being a good boy and munching on his cheerios.
His first reaction to me pulling out my camera was a very quizical look indeed.  Then the smiles just kept coming.  I tried real hard to get a big toothy grin, but he would not leave the smile open long enough for me to get one.  I think he knew what I was trying to accomplish. After he was done munching he decided to make music for me while I worked.
Then making music turned into a big mess... I'm not sure how that happened... it just did.

Needless to say, we had a very busy/fun Friday.  We love when mommy gets to stay home from work. :)

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Jeremy said...

I love our growing boy! And I like that he isn't a picky eater like him momma, lol!

Moving Forward said...

Such a cutie!! I probably sound like a broken record since I say that so much! lol. Proud of you for being a good mommy and making his food. :-)