1 Month!

It has been one month since we brought our little man home.  A MONTH. I can't believe how fast time is going by.  Please... SLOW DOWN!
We have been so busy getting into our routine and living our new life with our little blessing.  Jeremy has gone back to work of course but I've been able to spend all my time with Corbin and I LOVE IT.  I wish I could be home with him but I will be returning to work in about 2 months.  It's so nice to have 3 months with him but knowing I'll have to leave him breaks my heart.  But, you do what you gotta do.
Because I've been photographing my pregnancy weekly it's only fitting I photograph Corbin's monthly growth.  Were at one month and I can wait for his second month photo.  I don't want him to grow too fast.


Here is the little guy at one month.

We love our little man!



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He is such a little blessing of love... and so are you!