We are at... 32 WEEKS

8 months pregnant...


Dear Corbin,
This week has been very exhausting. I've been working so hard making some money so I can stay home with you for a few months before going back to work. I've been trying to get as much rest as I can but it seems every time I lay down to rest you decide it's time to practice karate. You are about 4.5 pounds now and will be gaining 1/2 pound a week. We are getting closer and closer to meeting you and we are so excited. We had a friend, Christina Lusk, paint my belly with this adorable picture. It was so much fun and while she was painting you were making yourself known. We just love you so much baby boy!

Belly Painting

Close up of the beautiful art work that Christina Lusk painted on my big pregnant belly. She did such a great job!




Everyday Brittney said...

I love these pictures! These are my favorite now, lol. Christina did an awesome job!

Gerri said...

Adorable. Christina is SO talented. :)

A Leap into Love said...

i love it! looks awesome!!!