24 Weeks... still growing...

Looking back at the last few weeks I can really see the growth Corbin has made. It's amazing how fast babies grow in the womb. Makes it more real every single day.

We are here at 24 weeks and can't believe how far we are already!


Dear little Corbin,
This week has been full of flips and flops and kicks and punches. You are moving so much I love feeling every single movement you make. Your daddy was FINALLY able to experience that with me by feeling your kicks as well. I was so happy he finally got to feel it, and I think he was too! It has also been tough this week because I was dealing with a few things like fever, soreness, and now stuffy nose. But that's okay, I would go through anything for my precious baby boy. We're getting closer and closer and more anxious to meet you. We love you baby boy!

Love Mommy


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