iHeartfaces:: Sun Flare

I love when there are challenges and I know exactly what photo I want to use. About a month ago my friend and I went out to take photos, just for fun, and I captured this one of her as the sun was coming down. The best part, all the snow on the ground. :) Although I think it's the best part in this photo I'm so over the snow. Spring is right around the corner and it needs to get here NOW. :)

Sun Flare

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Jessica Curtis Photography said...

i REALLY love this!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Back when I used film I HATED Lens Flare because you can't "see" what it's doing in a photo. This is why I love digital. You can use it to your advantage!

This is a great picture. Brittney is so sassy haha

Chellie Dee said...

Love this!

Saritney Photography said...

hahaha! I lovee the sass in this picture!!

beautiful shot! This is one of my favs I've seen!! Gorgeous!

antoinette marie said...

this is a really great pic...just as is!

Sarah King said...


Everyday Britt said...

Lol I think that's the most I've ever been called Sassy in my life.

allenaim photography and design said...

love this!!

love your header too...HEElarious!