Catching Up

My new friend at Life Through My Lens had started this on her blog and thought I would join in.

30 Days Of Truth:: Days 2-12
I had to catch up and they were on 12 this week. So here goes...

Day 2: Something you love about yourself. I love my sense of humor. That I don't take everything so seriously and that I can laugh at my self. :)

Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for. I need to forgive myself for those stupid things I do or don't do because I didn't think of it or I didn't think at all what I was doing. Does that make sense.

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for. I need to forgive my father. I've never said this publicly but there have been times when we were kids that we were given empty promises and it hurt. And I think I held on to those hurts. So heres to forgiveness.

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life. Travel to far countries and take awesome pictures of my travels.

Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do. Experience life without my husband.

Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for. God, if God wasn't in my life I wouldn't be where I am now.

Day 8: Someone who made your life hell, or treated you badly. In high school there were a few people who chose to not treat me well because of how I chose to live my life. But guess what, all is forgiven.

Day 9: Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted. My friend Ashley. We were great friends in high school but because I was home schooled for my last 2 years of high school we just drifted apart. She was very fun and a great friend.

Day 10: Someone you need to let go. At this point in my life, there is no one I feel I need to let go. I had to do that when I was younger but I feel I've done a pretty good job at surrounding myself with influential people.

Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you the most on. I think I get most compliments on my smile. I remember that's what my grandma would say almost every time I see her, that my smile can light up a room.

Day 12: Something you never get compliments on. I don't ever recall getting compliments on my butt. I guess you can say I have a pretty average butt.

Now... for a little Christmas Cheer...

My nephew at his little birthday...

Have a great night! Snow day tomorrow for me! YIPEE!



Everyday Britt said...

Love the picture of Tristan!!
Love the one of you guys too. You look like such a happy family. :-)

Jessaca said...

What a neat list and a great reminder of leting go and forgiving. Great photo of you and your hubby. Love you hair. You nephew is a cutie!!!

Have a great day and a wonderful week!!!