Sleep Over

Jeremy and I spent a couple days with my nephew, Tristan. We had him over at our house for a night and two days. He did excellent. He was very obedient and we showed him where the toys were and he did a good job at keep his hand on the toys, not on our toys. When we first brought him to our place he was in discovery mode. He walked around getting to know where he was. We set up his bed in the spare room, Jeremy and I took him in there and showed him where his bed was set up. Jeremy had to work so Tristan and I took him to work and then we came home to go swimming. We didn't swim very long because it was very cold. So we decided to play with the sidewalk chalk. That didn't last very long so we moved on to bath time.

It was so cute, I gave him the cup and he was rinsing off his leg.

He also poured water on his head. It was so funny. Seriously this kid is so cute.

Big smiles for Aunt Crystal. Every time I point the camera at him he says, "Cheese," and smiles. It's adorable.

Before we went out to the pool Tristan thought it was funny to put his swimmer on his head and wear it as a hat. His laugh was contagious... he was cracking up so much about his new "hat" he was making me laugh so hard.

We told my brother that we would have more sleepovers with Tristan. We just had so much fun, we just can't get enough of him.



Bachelor Pad said...

Crystal these pictures are AMAZING

Jamie said...

What a cutie-pie!!!