On The Farm

I've never lived on a farm, so I have no idea what the responsibilities would entail, but I know it's too much work I want to do. So, cheers to all those cattle hauling, horse riding, cow tipping (wait a second) sheep herding cowboys! Well, if you have a farm are you considered a cowboy? Either way, it's a lot of work.
Story behind this photo is I went on a photo adventure with some awesome photographers, Tabitha and Briony. I can't wait for our next photo adventure!

Down On The Farm

Hope everyone's Monday (lunes <--Spanish) is an excellent one! Enjoy your week!



Gerri said...

Very cool picture. :)

Briony said...

i love this picture and the way you processed it :)

Fresh Mommy said...

I'm with ya... I've never lived on a farm either. But I love this photo! The processing is awesome. Can't wait for another trip!

Miss Anne said...

love love love the pic!

Nessa said...

I absolutley LOVE old rustic barns..great shot!