Bring it ON!

I'm so loving this wonderful weather we've been having the last few days. Minus the few moments of rain, all though, the rain happens at night, so I guess it's okay. Taking the kids outside during these last few days has been awesome. Kids aren't uncomfortable in layers and layers of clothing and outside gear. They can play freely and move easily. And not to mention it doesn't take as long to get outside. See... look how happy they are...

Okay, maybe not at this exact moment you can see the joy in this little guy. But that's only because he was really thinking hard on what he should do with this nice weather and all the outside fun he could have. :P

I hope the weather in your area is as nice as it is here in great Ol MICHIGAN!



Briony said...

I love the eyes in that first one. The weather has been beautiful :) I am so glad we've gotten a peak at spring.

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments.

FROGGITY! said...

i am loving the weather. warm weather = good times.
these pics are so fun!