It's been AWHILE

Sorry I've been IMA lately... my plate is full and I've been getting filling fast. I'm just trying to pace myself, and not get carried away. My nephew Jude has his birthday Sunday, and I will share a little sneak peak of that day. It was adorable.

!st Birthday

1st Birthday
Isn't he such a DOLL!!!!

I'll share more later! :P



Fresh Mommy said...

He's TOTALLY a doll!! Miss you babe, and I don't just mean on here ;)

Hope you're doing well though!

Briony said...

ahhh i love that last cute!

Aleta said...

He looks just huggable!!! Totally adorable!

Gerri said...

Oh, what a cutie!

FROGGITY! said...

definitely a cutie pie! GREAT pics by the way. :) hope you are well, it sounds like you are!

JMay said...

Aww Jude is so precious!!!

You must have so much fun playing w/ the little guy :-)

Miss Anne said...

adorable so sweet!

thank you for the kind post on my recent blog entry :)

Miss Jody said...

Very cute!