30 Days Of Fall +Day 26 & 27

Merry Christmas... today is Christmas Eve and Jeremy is working right now. But, when he gets home we will be having OUR Christmas.
You will be all glad to know that I DID get my wrapping done on time. It was all finished Tuesday night.

That silver package there is one Jeremy wrapped, yeah, it's for me. I can't wait to open it.
And the one on the far right is actually wrapped with a table cloth. I couldn't find wrapping that would go around a basket, and I ran into this table cloth and thought hmmm... I wonder. And when I got home it worked perfectly and when you think about it they get the gift inside and they can use the table cloth as well. :)

Good news, I finished my puzzle. It is FINALLY complete.


Well, I must go now and clean up the puzzle now. Because it has been hogging our dining room table for the past few months. :P

Merry Christmas



Karl said...

Great looking tree and creative wrapping, and the puzzle is awesome, Merry Christmas to you and Jeremy... Love yous, dad

Fresh Mommy said...

Beautiful tree!!!!! I hope you loved your gifts, and I'm sure Jeremy did as well... great job wrapping you guys! Aliyah loved her present from you... she dug into it all :)

And wow, I don't know if I would've had the patience to follow through on that puzzle, nice work! :)