30 Days Of Fall +Day 25

Almost Christmas time... next week! AHHHH... and guess what I still have not wrapped ONE present. I know, I know, I'm really putting it off. But I've been so busy. Especially with our Learning Zone Preschool Christmas play. Which was last night and turned out amazing. I'll have to share some footage once it's all put together. Because I was so involved with it I couldn't find any time AT ALL to take ONE picture. Can you believe it? There was a video I did make Kids say the Dardnest things, and it's the kids at the preschool being asked questions about christmas. It's almost 11 mins long but totally worth it, it's hilarous. They were cracking me up.

Jeremy and I are getting ready to go have dinner with some family, then we are going to a concert. Have you ever heard of Skindrid? They have a really funky unique sound. The guy is like Jamacin so he sings, raps, and screams. I dont really care for the screaming part but the rest I do enjoy listening too.

Also, tomorrow is my first Wedding I'll be photographing. I'm so excited. I'm so prepared, mentally and physically. It's gonna be good. Once I get those edited I'll share my favorite as always.

And next week I have another wedding to photograph. My nephew is getting married and they asked me to photograph their wedding. Which I'm pumped about as well. Good things!

So guess what? I need to finish getting ready. And you should have a great, relaxing weekend. And while your at it relax for me too. :P I'm not sure whether I'll find time or not. :P

•Can you believe I'm posting with out a picture?

Merry Christmas

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Fresh Mommy said...

I finally have a few more wrapped after tonight! I wish I could wrap faster, cause I still have too many left, LOL. It's all coming up to soon, ahhhh!