30 Days Of Fall +Day 17

Christmas time is fast approaching, like really fast. Now that Thanksgiving is long gone I had to get our Christmas tree up. And this year we got an actual tree, not like last years.

Christmas 08

-Our Tree Last Year-

I was super pumped to put the tree up and decorate it the way I want it decorated. Jeremy's mom was so awesome to give me so many things to make my tree the way that it is and at giving me great tips. She is great at decorating and being crafty with these types of things. Seriously, you should see her house. I was getting a little flustered because my arrangement wasn't looking like my mother-in-love's, Jeremy told me I need to practice and he's right. After I calmed down for a minute I made a pretty darn good one. So feast your eyes on the Barancik 2009 Christmas Tree.
Mind you they are a little blurry because somebody, me, left their tripod at work.

One of my friends got this ornament for us, it has 2008 Mr and Mrs on it. It doesn't necessarily go with the red and gold theme I had going but I wanted to put it on our first tree. :P

SO there you have it, the Barancik's 2009 Christmas Tree. :P

Merry Christmas



Anonymous said...

Beautiful C.j., you did a very good job. Love you

antoinette marie said...

very, very pretty! nice work! blessings...