30 Days Of Fall +Day 16

Jeremy and I spent our Thanksgiving being lazy around the house. But we couldn't spend every moment being lazy. We found our way out and about. We went out to eat at Red Robins, because he had a certificate there for a free burger for his birthday. After we ate so much we decided we would walk around the mall, but not to buy anything, just walk off our meal.
We spent about 20 mins walking around the mall, then we found this game kiosk where they sold board games, puzzles, trick games, etc. We got to looking around and when I saw the puzzles they had I really wanted to do one. SO i convinced Jeremy to buy me one and then we found an Office DVD/Board game. So we bought that as well. Jeremy just received The Office board game for his birthday and we have so much fun playing we thought we would most certainly enjoy the DVD/board game as well. Mainly because we love The Office.

But back to this puzzle I found... it's a Mickey Mouse puzzle but the tricky part about it is that the Mickey picture is made up of tiny pictures of all kinds of Disney movies. They took still shots of Disney movies and made one big picture. How cool is that. I do have to say it is a doozy. I've been wearing my glasses to keep from getting a headache because I have to look real close at each piece. :P Although I should be wearing my glasses all the time. Tsk... Tsk...

If you look close enough you can see the Disney still shots. Cool huh?


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Anonymous said...

That puzzle looks awesome! I love doing puzzles. That would be a toughy lol