1st Year Anniversary

Although it was last weekend, I'm just now getting to tell the story of my awesome gifts that my wonderful husband put together.
Friday, May 29th was our actual anniversary date, and when we got home from work he had something special for me. While I was freshening up for our dinner he was getting it all ready. When I came out he sat me on the couch and pushed play on the remote. At first I didn't know what was going to happen, then he started singing. I started getting teary eyed right away. I added the video below to share the awesomeness that is my husband.

Didn't he do a good job? I cried throughout the whole thing. I have been waiting SO long for him to sing to me, and finally he did. But he made it 100 times better by writing the song and making a music video. I was extremely surprised. :O
I dried up my tears, fixed my make up (Again) and we headed out for dinner.

The next day I thought was going to be our lazy day. I woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for Jeremy. We went out to a movie with Tab, Chris, Aliyah, our friends Gerri, Devon, and their son Noah. Aliyah invited us to go, and we wanted to see the movie anyway. So we met up with them early afternoon and it was such a cute movie. Any adult or child could enjoy this movie, seriously. After the movie Jeremy and I went home and relaxed. I ended up taking a very small nap, and Jeremy woke me up to go with him to pick up our dinner he had ordered for us the day before. While we were out doing that, Tab, Chris, Briony, and Britt were all sneaking in the apartment to decorate it for a Twilight party. Because Jeremy got me something else, a Twilight bonus pack thing. :) It included the DVD (Blu-Ray), The sound track, some pictures from the movie, a bracelet, watch, and book mark. It was awesome. I was so amazed with everything they did. We watched the Twilight movie while we ate our Fenton House, and then we played a Twilight board game. But that wasn't as fun as watching the movie.
I don't have any pictures to share because I was so stunned and amazed and enjoying myself that I didn't even think about pulling my camera out. I'll have to grab some from Tab and Briony who snagged a few photos before we got there.
It was truly and awesome and memorable 1st anniversary.
Thanks Jeremy! I love you!



Jeremy said...

You're welcome baby! I love you too Crystal. Forever and ever babe.

Briony said...

this was so sweet!! john's head in the back made me laugh so hard. hahaha

Aleta said...

That was a sweet song and thoughtful how he made it into a video for you!

Cool about the Twilight movie and plus!


awe yes it is squeeky clean ..especial since its clean

Fresh Mommy said...

It really is so sweet.... and I laughed at John's head too. Cute though.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is amazing Crystal. Holy cow!!

Happy Anniversary!

amtc said...

soooo sweet!

MissJody said...

Oh..that is so sweet!
Sweet and adorable post!
Sounds like a great evening:)

Gerri said...

Awww-adorable. Sounds like it was very special. Here's to many, many, more. Cheers!