30 Days of Spring +Day 13

I've slacking on my days of Spring. I'm hoping to finish them before the summer. I wonder if thats possible. :)
We dog watched this cute little number, her name is Sadie, and watching her made me want a dog even more. Especially because I want a beagle too. But the beagle I want is a teacup queen elizabeth pocket beagle. They are the tinest cutest little doggies, and I want one.
After she left I seriously wanted to go out and get a dog. But, our apartment building doesn't allow pets :( And we'll be in here for at least 1 more year. So I have to wait that long. But, I think of it like this, I've waited 21 years of my life to get a dog, what's one more year, right?
Cheers to dogs!!




Briony said...

she is sooo cute and i love her name!

Fresh Mommy said...

So cute! I can't wait till you get one!

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

cute doggie...i'm a ferrot person myself! blessings...

Aleta said...

teacup queen elizabeth pocket beagle. Well, I've never heard of anything like that! I'll have to google some images of it! I have seen a puggle (mix of pug and beagle) - beautiful dog!

The pictures are sweet. She definitely has the "doggie eyes"