30 Days Of Winter +Day 20

Okay, so it's not really winter anymore, I just need to finish up Winter... So I will use this week and next week to finish up!
By the way I got to meet my nephew, Jude Matthew. I just couldn't resist taking just a few photos of him... I got this idea of putting them together like this from Briony, she is an awesome photographer, and she has lots of great ideas.
Crystal Rae Photography

On another note, isn't he just the cutest. He was a little finicky when he wasn't with his mommy or daddy, but thats only because he is not used to everyone else yet. He'll get used to us though, :) On Sunday Jude is being dedicated as his mommy's home church.
Can't wait...
Have a great weekend Everyone!


Briony said...

so cute! i love the backdrop...is that a couch? it's perfect with the poka-dots :)

you are too sweet, we still have to plan a photography outing!!

KDLOST said...

great pics... so precious. :) have a great weekend!

antoinettemariew@blogspot.com said...

awesome collage...and yes i concur, he's a cutie pie! blessings..

Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

Love it!! He looks so cute, and I love all the expressions you've included in the collage!! This looks great!