30 Days Of Winter +Day 10

Matt & Ashlee were in town and while they were "home" Ashlee's mom threw her a baby shower. Seeing how she is 8 months pregnant! It was really nice! We were all bummed because the Diaper Game, you know the one where you smell the "poop" to figure out what candy bar it is, wasn't going to work. They were melted @ my mothers house and brought to the party, but now one even thought about it hardening. So... by the time we were ready to play the game the diapers were "glued" shut with dried hard "poop." I guess Ashlee likes how the POOP smells. :)
Matt is really excited about disposable bibs! :)

It is officially the weirdest! I'm surprised it could fit around his NECK! :)
This was another game... we had to guess the size of Ashlee's stomach using yarn, and who ever was the closest won... guess what... I didn't win. Mine was too big!
The cupcake/cake topper. It looks edible, but when Ashlee tried biting into it it was PLASTIC.:)

I can't wait to meed Jude, my other nephew.
Oh... Ashlee has started her own blog. Check it out.... She'll be using the blog to help keep family updated on Jude and their little family they got going on! Good For YOU!



Tabitha Blue said...

Aww, looks like a nice time!! Can't wait to see the baby as well!!



Maki said...

Aww poopy diaper - I remember smelling that at my baby shower also:)

Looks like some fun times.

By the way, I love your wedding photos - I am originally from Japan, but grew up in Hawaii...

Cute blog!!!


Mrs. S said...

how fun!!!

KDLOST said...

HA smelling the poopy diaper! haha i love baby showers. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL oh man..I had fun at the shower! Those cupcakes were so yummy!
Not much longer til baby comes!! :)

Kaitlyn said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe the cupcake topper isn't edible :)

The Branches said...

OMG-I have never heard of the "poop" game that sounds so gross...but chocolate is so good! It's a toss up, but I bet it's a fun game if you have a room full of people.