Not ME! Monday...

Here goes yet another edition of NOT ME Monday! Mckmama, who birthed this silly, yet fun subject, if finally home with her little one Stellan. Congrats to you. Because of all the excited she may or may not post a NOt Me Monday. But, I still wanted to do mine for this week, this is just something I do not enjoy doing. Yes it already has begun!

I did not repaint my nails this week because I did not continue to pick at the nail polish that was on my nails. Why would I do that?

I did not help make breakfast Saturday morning with my Hubby, because I do not enjoy doing those type of things with him.

I did not get 8 crock pot recipes from someone to only forget all about it until just now. Nope, Not me, I always remember things.

I did not go to a Halloween party and make a caramel apple just to not eat the thing. I did not just make it because I had never made one before, i did not do that.

I did not have fun carving my pumpkin and I most certainly did not use a pattern to carve out my pumpkin. Because I didn't want something cool on there rather than a traditional jack-o-lantern face. NOpe not me.

I did not wait to finish my work for "school" because I was just being plain out lazy. I did not do that.

I did not eat loads and loads of reese's this weekend, that would not have been very good of me.

What did you not do this week?



Anonymous said...

hehe this looks like fun! I might have to try it!! Thanks for stoppin by my blog! And thank you for the good wishes! I hope we are back together soon too!!

Can I just say on your profile that is the most amazing wedding photo?? It is gorgeous!!

KDLOST said...

sounds like you DID NOT have a good time this weekend! ;)


Aleta said...

Ditto the Reese's... I did not eat all the missing Reese's in the bowl for the kids.

I did not catch a cold from Greg (wish that were true!)

KDLOST said...

i just tagged you!

Lynette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. But "I do not like to have people show up and talk to me" Ha Ha -- sure sure.
And your right, College Girl did have a good time. Who do you think is going to win at Sunshine and Lemonade?

antoinette said...

i did not just pick my nose while reading "not me monday" on tuesday afternoon....nope, NOT ME!

Baby Mama said...

i have a bad habit of waiting till the last minute to do homework too. i hate that! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)