Thinking More About It...

In my TAG blog, I posted a random fact about me that had to do with dying my hair a darker color. I had never really done as dark as I would have thought I would. But I was looking through my photos and found this one. I had acutally had my hair pretty dark at one point in time. It was darker then I have ever had it before. And I would say this would be the darkest I would probably ever go.
I think any darker and I would look so weird, LOL, in my eyes anyway. So I think we'll just keep it blonde!!!! Don't you!

-The Office Quote Of The Day - "I'm not superstitious. But I'm a little stitious." -Michael Scott, Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin



Tabitha Blue said...

Blond is great.... and I love the color in the photo too, you are beautiful!

Last night's episode was pretty funny too....
"I have to talk to talk to Holly about her hygiene, she smells like old tomatoes... and dirt."

Oh, and the singing!! Ugh!


Briony said...

you know I had blonde highlights in my hair (ranging from small ones all over to chunky ones) since 7th grade. I couldn't even remember my natural hair color and i was always afraid to do anything but. anyways one day i just did it and although i liked my hair before i like it just as much now. i know that everyone is different and i love love love your beautiful blonde hair but if you want to try something different i think you would look beautiful in any color.

as for the pic...the moon was so big last night i tried my best to capture it. i slowed my shutter speed down to as slow as it could go climbed up on top my car (my car roof was my tripod haha) it came out cool but you can't actually see the shape of the moon because i let so much light in. haha oh well. next time :)
see ya tonight!

Meaghan said...

OMG I love the office! Its so awesome and I loved this weeks so much! Little gross but still awesome :)

by the way I launched my coffee site today, open and ready for orders :) If you want to check it out go to

Also, we are doing GIVEAWAYS for the rest of this month. To enter visit :)

Have an awesome weekend!


KDLOST said...

yeah, stay blonde; you're one of the lucky ones! never in a million could i go blonde b/c i am so so so brunette...however, someday i shall go red. i do know that. i like to don the occasional blonde wig just for a change! whoo hoo!

i think i'm about to cut my hair short again! hmmm, may blog about that in a minute.

your hair looked cute darker in that pic too, though! :)

off to sing son of a preacher man to my daughter ... KIDDING