New and Improved

Taaa DAAAA! Surprise... I'M BACK, whether you like it or not.  I feel like this is a new start for me... well my blog. Lets see where the wind takes me...

Seriously... The last time I posted was about our trip in... Eh HEM, November.  Just shake it off Crystal , Shake it off...

Corbin will be 10 months this Friday... I CAN NOT believe it.  Time is truly going by way too fast! They tried to warn me, but I really didn't think it would go by this fast.  He has his 6th took popping through and he is getting into EVERYTHING.  No, really, everything. If you're a mother you probably understand.  We can barely keep food and drinks at a reachable level for him because then he'll grab, spill, possibly try and eat what we have sitting there.  He is learning the word no and he does not like it.  He will usually scrunch up his face and wine a little when we tell him no.  It's honestly the cutest face a baby could make.

When Corbin turned 9 months we of course took photos to document this very short period of time.  It seemed like he was 9 months for only a week.

Look at his cute belly... 
Baby blue eyes... I could stare at those eyes all day.  Except he would crawl away after a second.

We actually entered this photo into Baby Idol that a local radio station is putting on.  Soon we'll be getting everyone to vote for him.  The 1st place winner gets a $5,000 scholarship.  That would be amazing to have that little jump start for Corbin. So keep a look out for that post. :)

Well it's getting late... I am off to bed... need my beauty sleep.

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Christina Lusk said...

Hurray for blogging again! I am hoping to rock a blog when Noah is in kindergarten in Sept.

Seriously, those eyes? I could eat that kid. Great job, Crystal.