Two Months

Our baby boy is 2 months old.  He's growing too fast in my eyes.  Both Jeremy and I have been enjoying this new journey as a Mommy and Daddy and we are so blessed to have this little man.
Happy 2 months!!!

two months

Corbin has been lifting his head up and it's crazy how well he does it.   When he firsts wakes up in the morning he's all smiles, which helps start off my day.  I'm happy to say our little guy will most likely be a morning person. :)
We also discovered he loves showers.  He usually cries during bath times but when he is in the shower he really enjoys it.  No tears in the shower!  
I am returning to work next week, starting off with 2 days a week for 3 weeks, and I most definitely don't want to leave my little guy behind, but you do what you gotta do.  But what will help make it easier for me to return to work is that my little guy is sleeping 7-10 hours at night.  I will sure be rested for work.  Thanks Corbin!

Just because I think he has the cutest face ever...




Jeremy said...

Our boy is so precious and cute! I love when he smiles!

Gerri said...

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I can't take it. I wanna love him up!!

Everyday Brittney said...

Bahaha! He totally looks like he's posing in those last two. I cannot believe he's already two months. I hate missing so much :-( Give him kisses for me.

Amanda said...

That's impressive head-holding that I see! I will be praying for you as you return to work. It was even harder than I thought it was going to be when it was time for me to go back. This will be one working mommy that understands what you are going through.

Anonymous said...

Cj, those last two (2) pictures are so adorable. The first one makes me laugh; he looks like he is trying to figure out what you are doing. You and Jeremy are doing a great job as parent. Love you both. Love you guys Mom!!!

Fresh Mommy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I LOVE HIM! These photos are incredible... really. Love them. Love him. Love you!