Here we go... 27 WEEKS...

Sorry, I missed my 26 week mark. :( SO BUSY!

I can not get over the fact that we are at 27 weeks... Next week I'll be in my 3rd trimester... where I heard time slows down... but we'll see, it seems to be going by so fast.


Dear Corbin,
This week we celebrated YOU with a baby shower that your Aunt Brittney threw. It was full of brown, green, and white colors you'll grow to know because your room will be covered in it. We are so blessed and we were showered with so many gifts for you, you will have lots and lots of adorable outfits to wear. You have been kicking more and more at night time, which we'll have to adjust when your here... we don't want our days and nights mixed up. Mommy has been having so much fun organizing your new things as well. Counting down the days my sweet little man.



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Life with Kaishon said...

I am so happy for you : ) How exciting!