Maternity Series... 20 Weeks

My sister in law over at Fresh Mommy blog did a maternity series when she was pregnant for her 2nd little one. I knew that I wanted to do this when I was pregnant because I LOVE IT! So, thank you Tabitha for all your creativeness...

We made it half way... 20 weeks, which means we found out we're having a BOY.

Little Corbin will be here in May!

20 weeks
Dear Corbin,
You are growing so fast, your daddy and I can not believe how much we can see your growth. I've already had to make more then normal visits to the bathroom. Maybe it's where your laying but mommy could use less bathroom breaks at night. Before we found out you were a boy mommy kept calling you a girl, but the moment we were told you are a boy we couldn't have been any happier. Your daddy and I both had tears in our eyes and can not wait to meet you. I can feel you moving around at least once a day and once I swear I felt you kicking mommy on the outside of my tummy. I can tell you'll be a very active little man. We can't wait!!!

Love Mommy!!


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Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies :) Also, I am so happy you're having a boy.
You look adorable, and I am very happy for you both.
Corbin is going to have an AWESOME set of parents.
Everyone will give you unsolicited advice, so when you want or need some you know where to find me lol :) Love you!