There are so many changes going in right now in my life. Good and bad. Sad and Happy. It's all so BITTERSWEET!
The daycare I've been working at for the past 7 years is closing. It's sad to be leaving the kids, it's the hardest part. I wish I could take them all with me. The happy side to this sadness is that I get to start something new. I haven't made a decision on where I'll be working, but I'm not jumping back into the daycare scene. I love kids so much, and if you know me you know that. But, I'll still be working in the children's department at my church, Faith City, so I'll still be working with kids.
But I'll miss these faces!!!!

So as I finish up our last week of school this week, not just the last week for the summer, but our last week forever I'll be soaking in every moment with these kids. I know as they grow up they won't remember me, but I'll always remember every single one of these kids. I've truly been blessed to have put into each child and have enjoyed teaching them.

I better go before I get my keyboard all wet!!!

Enjoy your week all!!!


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