A WhoossiieeWhatsie

Woah... I've been slacking this week.

Although I've been slacking on my blogging I most definitely haven't been slacking on LIFE! I've been trying to think of new things for me to try. Things that I shouldn't judge before I try it. Like... a video game. My husband is a video game addict, as some of you may already know, and has been trying to get me to try a few of his "shoot em up" games. I told him I would try Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Can I just say I wish I would have given it a chance a long time ago. It is so FUN! And although I haven't reached the level of some of the people I play against I still enjoy it. We play online against other people so we're not playing with a bunch of robots, so it makes for a more interesting game. If you haven't played it and you have a chance to try it, DO IT!

I've also been getting over this sinus stuff. It's gross! You know that blowing your nose all the time, water eyes, sneezy junk that happens. Thats what I'm getting over. I'm so over blowing my nose too. It's been redonkulous (re-donk-u-lous) how much kleenex I've gone through. We bought 10 boxes of soft kleenex so we don't run out.

I've continued working out about 3 times a week. I haven't added any "real" workouts. My friend Britt and I have been doing Dance Central as a workout, which believe it or not makes me sweat like crazy. It's fun too. I almost forget I'm getting a workout from playing it. I'm using this as a way to form a habit to exercise and when I do that I'll add some more extensive workouts. That's my plan... and a pretty good one too. At least I think so.

Yesterday I was able to take the kids outside, which hasn't happened all week because of how COLD it's been outside and they just soaked it up.

It really showed how much the kids need the fresh air, even if it's just for a few minutes. Can you believe there are some schools who don't even take the kids out ONCE during the winter season. I'd like to do an experiment on behavior during the months when kids get to go outside and the ones where they don't take the kids outside at ALL.
But while we were outside, I thought it to be the best time to snag some winter shots.
OKAY, and eating the snow is SO much fun!

As we go through our busy weekend, my goal is to photograph all the fun we're having. So stay tuned.... fun weekend for me ahead....


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Anonymous said...

your pictures are amazing. bright vivid, crisp! I'm indeed jealous! I hear you about the video games. I have yet to play them with my hunnie, but he tells me they are fun. I did buy him black ops for Christmas though & he loves it and tells me its awesome. Maybe i'll take your advice and try it :)
I was wondering about that Dance game if it was a good workout. I love dancing. & even when I go out with my girls dancing i always end up having wicked sore muscles the day after. hrrrmmm...

I cant wait to see pictures from your weekend!