Better Me

Every new year is filled with questions like, "What is your new years resolution?" "What are you going to do different this year?" Well friends let me tell you, I hate doing new years resolutions because I always FAIL. I don't do it on purpose, but I think sometimes I give myself very high goals. So this year I decided to do something a little bit different. How?, you may ask, well I plan on giving my self MINI GOALS and at the end of that goal is a reward for myself. For example my first goal is to lose 10 lbs and when I achieve that goal I get to give myself a Tanning membership, because I am so white right now. :)
After I loose a few pounds my goal is then to tone up. I haven't decided on what my reward will be. But it's not just an award, more like an incentive. I'm thinking of things I REALLY want. :) Then I will be more likely to reach that goal. GO ME!
As another incentive I am going to be taking pictures of me through my journey to a healthier me. I haven't fully made the decision of the picture part, but am leaning towards the yes part. I just need to do it during a time when I have some natural light to get some well lit pictures. ;)

Cheers to a better healthier me in 2011. :)



Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I always have such high expectations for myself when January 1st rolls around, but not this year. I want to lose 20lbs by my brothers wedding which is in February so rather then telling myself that's a resolution, I'll just set it as a goal. In the meantime, I have not figured out a reward although a skinner me would be a BIG reward :) Good luck with your 10. I know you can do it! & you look fabulous anyway!!!

Briony said...

this is awesome crystal go you! looks like you all had a blast on new years too!