Thanksgiving Is Over???

Okay, I know Thanksgiving is over but I couldn't let these pictures go to waste. So let me start by saying...
I love Thanksgiving, and not just because of the awesome food you get to eat, but because you get to spend the day with family.

Family you may not get to see everyday. Next to Christmas it's the best holiday around. My grandpa always cuts up the turkey, although my mom was the one to make it he still cut it.

This Thanksgiving was filled with firsts for me and my family. It was our first Thanksgiving with out Grandma. I know she was looking down on us with a great big smile to see her husband, children, grandchildren, and great grandbabies coming together and giving thanks for all that we have. She loved when we all got together. It always put a smile on her face. As I was scanning the room I imagined Grandma in her chair watching her family laugh and enjoying the day together.
Especially with Jude playing Peek A Boo. This kid is adorable, I wonder if he could get any cuter.

My first time ever cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and our friends Brittney
and Tim. Sadly I didn't get any photos of what I cooked or have our little party. I think I was too involved on making sure the food I was cooking was going to taste good. :) But next time, I won't forget... It was the first time I cooked a turkey. It was a great success by the way.
I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I can't wait to spend more time with my family. :)
**This post dedicated to Grandma Kautman. We love you and miss you!

In closing I will do my 30 Days Of Truth:
Day 13 :: Write a letter to you son or daughter!
To my sweet unborn baby,
You are nothing but a mere though. But your daddy and I already have so much love in our hearts for you. We wonder what you'll look like all the time. If you'll have your daddy's thick dark curly hair, or my blonde straight thin hair. We already know you'll be tall because your daddy and I are both tall but hopefully you won't be freakishly tall. Even though we don't know if you are a boy or girl your grandma wants you to be a girl really bad. She has 2 grandsons already and says I have to give her a granddaughter. But just know she and I will love you no matter what, OH and your daddy too of course.
Love Mommy.



Everyday Britt said...

Well at least the memory of your yummy Thanksgiving dinner is a clear picture in my head! We need to do that every year!

Briony said...

i've been there where i am so involved in events that i completely forget to take one picture. haha but that just means that you were part of the story, so that is good.

love the sweet letter to your little one :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cj, I really enjoyed this post. I am so glad to see you come out of your comfort zone and do things like making a Turkey. I had know doubts you could do it. Also I want you know that granddaughter/grandson it really dosen't matter I will blessed no matter if it is him or her. Love you my sweet Cj. Mom