Who's getting married?

Not me... I'm already married! :)
My best friend is getting married. She's been dating her boyfriend for 3 years now and they are planning a July wedding. I'm so excited for her. She is going to make a beautiful bride and excellent wife. Her fiance is actually a friend of mine and my husbands. We've known each other for a long time. My husband and him are childhood friends. So thats fun!

I was honored when Brittney, my friend who is getting married, asked me if I would be her Maid of honor. Although I'm married technically I should be called the Matron of honor I would rather be called the Maid of honor. Matron of honor sounds like I'm supposed to be old.
From here on out I'm the Maid of honor.

This past weekend we went DRESS SHOPPING. One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, finding THE dress. I won't get into anymore details about THE dress because it's a surprise. BUT, here are a few photos of our exciting day.

Waiting patiently for Britt's consultant.

The dress I would have chose if I found it when I was getting married. :P

We had to wear these booties in the dress shop or take our shoes off and carry them in plastic bags. Just so if the dress got stepped on it didn't get dirty.

Dresses galore


Looking at dresses. After sifting through all these dresses she found the perfect one. And she can't wait to walk down the aisle to her future husband.

Congratulations Brittney & Tim.


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