A Goat Named Paco!

That's right, a goat who is named Paco. At school (where I work) we had a special visit from Paco who just so happens to be a goat. And what letter does goat start with? The letter G. The whole reason Paco came to visit was because we are learning the letter G this week.
The kids loved it. They tried feeding him corn but he wasn't wanting to eat anything. Especially when kids were swarming him. He wasn't used to a big crowd like that. But he did great.
Jeremy brought Ammo out to meet Paco and Ammo was so mellow. I think he was more curious than anything else.

They were sniffing each other, it was adorable.

All in all the kids loved Paco the goat.



Anonymous said...

lol Jude would love to meet Paco! His favorite book right now is the Billy Goats Gruff.

Everyday Britt said...

Hey was so cute! I want one...