Trips To The Library

I love going to the library. And although this visit I was only there for a few mins just to get books for the kids. They needed new reading material. They wanted me to find Diary Of A Wimpy Kid for them but there were NONE at the library. So I just grabbed whatever looked interesting. :P So we'll see.

I love going to the library. To find a new adventure to take. Reading has been something I've enjoyed doing since I can remember. I really love being able to just sit and go into my own world and experience a new adventure.

What about you? What kind of adventures do you like to elope with?



Marla said...

I love how you take something so ordinary as the library, and make it look like an amazing adventure! Great photos!

Briony said...

i love the library too. when i lived in Chicago I was right down the road from the library, it was massive. it was very easy to lose track of time. oh and i love the smell of books. i know that is weird but it's true. haha especially really old ones.

Christina Lusk said...

I really love this post. With all the business of life in the last few years I had forgotten what it was like to "elope with an adventure". I think a trip to the library is in my near future. I love, Grisham, Crichton, Agatha Christie, and all children's books.

Gerri said...

I LOVE BOOKS AND THE LIBRARY!!!! (sorry for shouting) :)