Birthday Wishes and Volleyball

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday... I know... not that old, but to me I fell OLD! Seriously, even though it's only 1 year older I feel old. Last year I got to spend my 22nd birthday with my cousin Carrie, want to hear more about that adventure? CLICK HERE and HERE. It was a blast.
But this year it was a little different. I got to spend the WHOLE day with my husband and NEW kitty, Ammo. Jeremy and I both took the day off of work. We first went to the pet rescue place and took about 45 mins to pick out Ammo. I was making a serious commitment, I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted. I actually chose a different cat before I then changed my mind and decided on Ammo. I was very undecided, but then Ammo was playful and laid back. That was exactly what I wanted.
After we filled out the adoption papers for Ammo we left to go to St. Helen and pick up Jeremy's motorcycle. It was 1 and 1.2 hour drive and was way too long. But totally worth it for my husband. I guess you can say we both got presents on my birthday. So I just told him when it's his birthday I get to get a present too. :)

Although I've shared with you the cuteness that is my kitty I had to share another one. I love him. :)

Along with my birthday being last week I also had the opportunity to play in a volleyball tournament. My team only played 2 games and lost both, we still had fun. My friend Brittney snagged a few shots of my in action!

Check out that form. LOL. It looks like I'm stretching or something. GO TEAM!

Enjoy your week. August is almost over. :(



Fresh Mommy said...

Yes... you're old. Haha, J/K. Happy Birthday to you and your kitty is the perfect present!! :)


Briony said...

Ammo is awesome :)