Posting Later and Later

I have been slacking on this blog thing. I go through my spurts of posting and not posting. I need to do my best more frequently.
But since I'm here....
Today at work I took pictures of all the teachers at Learning Zone Preschool to post on our website. Here are the pictures I came up with...

Bethany: Director

Me: Assistant Director/Lead Teacher

Marla: Lead Teacher

Brittney: Afternoon Lead

Jillian: Afternoon Lead

There you have it, the staff at Learning Zone Preschool!

Go to our website and check us out, if your in the area you might want to come in for a tour to bring your own child here. If your not in the area, go and dream you were, that's how cool we are. :P


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Gerri said...

Crystal you did a great job! Everyone looks great.