Musical Water

Your probably thinking, "What? How can you have musical water?" Well, I'm here to tell you how! We actually put the water into a baby food jar and used the end of plastic cooking spoon to tap the jars. You don't have to use baby food jars you can use regular ole glasses. The trick is to fill the glasses up with different amounts of water for different sounds. We did this activity today for the letter X, we called them Xylophones. Pretty clever, huh? The kids enjoyed it as well, I can't figure out whether they liked it because of the sounds or clanking a spoon on a glass full of water. Either way they had fun with it.


Tap, Tap, Tap!!



Gerri said...

How cool. I know the children had a great time exploring. :)

Fresh Mommy said...

Very cool!!!

Joy Taylor said...

You are always have such a fun time with kids!